Theban Tombs Publication Project
The Tombs of Ahmose (no. 121) and Rây (no. 72)
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Project Benefactors and Friends

Whether sponsored by the University of Charleston, S.C., the Serapis Research Institute, or the American Research Center in Egypt, the work of the Theban Tombs Publication Project would be impossible without the assistance and support of the project's friends, benefactors, and financial contributors. The list of project-supporters includes individual donors who have generously made and/or continue to make contributions of funds, services, and material; charitable trusts--and their managers who have the vision to understand the value of supporting such work; and private companies which have provided supplies, equipment, and services at no cost or which have rented equipment at only token rates. Last, but not least, are friends, colleagues, and Egyptological organizations--including officials of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities--who have supported the work, expedited our activities, shared insights, or assisted in such manner as to make our efforts a success. Mere thanks alone cannot express the depth of our gratitude to all these persons and institutions.

K. Bongiorno and M. Singer
A. and L. Dean
P. and C. Dueñas
W. J. Eldridge
A. Fahmy
W. B. and P. Harer, Jr.
T. Harper
D. E. Lanka
H. and M. Lichtig
J. and A. Matrisciano
P. A. and M. Piccione
M. and I. Resnick
J. Roche, Esq.
L. Sprung
J. and L. Sprung
S. and A. Stone
J. and D. Storer
V. Toth

Charitable Trusts


Institutions, Colleagues, and Friends

Our apologies to any persons or institutions whose names
we have inadvertantly omitted from these lists.

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