"The Victory of Horus"
Act II, "Rejoicing over the Victory"
Scene 1: Exhortation to Horus; Pharaoh Attacks Seth

N.B., column numbers in the drawing reflect verse numbers in Fairman's transcription of the text.

Scene 1: 'Exhortation to Horus; Pharaoh Attacks Seth'

Description: At center stage is a large warship shown sailing on the Sacred Lake of Edfu Temple. It is fitted with a tall A-frame mast and a large billowing rectangular sail. The sail is woven with a red-and-white checker pattern, and ropes and sheets extend from the top of the sail to the stern of the vessel. Standing on the vessel is the god Horus. He wears his typical shendyt-kilt, a nemes-headdress and the red and white Double Crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. In one hand he holds a harpoon which he thrusts into the snout of Seth, the hippopotamus, while in the other hand, he pulls taught two ropes, each attached to a harpoon which is lodged respectively in the hind legs and quarters of the hippo. The hippo is bellowing loudly in pain. Sitting at the prow of the ship is the goddess Isis who also pulls taught two ropes attached to harpoons lodged in the hippopotamus. Standing on the stern of the ship pulling on the large steering oar is the pilot of the vessel (not depicted).

Standing on a wide podium at the left (i.e., stage right) is King Ptolemy IX. He wears a short wig surmounted by the Atef-Crown, a white T-shirt-type blouse, a broad pectoral collar and straight-bottomed kilt, attached to which is a lion's tail. He holds a long harpoon which he thrusts into the back of the head of the hippo. He is accompanied by several "Young Harpooners." They are bare-chested and wear shendyt-kilts, and each holds a harpoon and large dagger.

As the act opens, the chorus (not depicted) hastens to the Pool of Horus (i.e., the Sacred Lake of the temple) to see Horus sailing by on the ship. They see him attacking and dragging the mortally wounded hippo, which is held fast to the side of the ship. While the chorus sings encouragement, the King joins Horus in assaulting the hippo. Isis chants praises and instructions to Horus and orders the Young Harpooners (identified specifically as the royal children and Crew of Horus) to attack the hippo with their harpoons and to slaughter it with their daggers.

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