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The On-Line Egyptological Bibliography

The OEB is operated by Oxford University Griffith Institute on behalf of the International Association of Egyptology (Berlin). This web-based bibliography is the primary tool in Egyptology for searching the bibliography of ancient Egypt. Beginning in 1947 as the Annual Egyptological Bibliography, the OEB catalogs and abstracts every publication pertaining to Egyptological matters, including: books, journal articles, monographs, etc., and it abstracts them in English or French, or German (although the prevailing language these days is English). Currently it is mostly up to date up to 2017 and continuing. It is not a "full-text" database in the manner of JSTOR, i.e., it does not provide the actual contents of the articles and books. Still, it does provide enough information in the abstracts to understand their contents. Integrated into the OEB is the Egyptological Bibliography, 1822-2002. It is more complete than the OEB, since it includes publications from 1822-1946. However. it provides no abstracts, only bibliographical information. Therefore, this combined bibloiography includes nearly every study published on ancient Egypt since 1822 to the present.

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