History 370
Fall 2011
Course Textbooks
and Reading Sources

The required textbooks for this course are:

Nunn, John F. Ancient Egyptian Medicine. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.

Pinch, Geraldine. Magic in Ancient Egypt. Revised edition. Austin: University of Texas Press in cooperation with the British Museum Press, 2010.

Piccione, Peter A., ed. Classified Bibliographical Database of Ancient Egyptian Medicine and Medical Practice, Including: Palaeopathology, Biology and Human Anthropology (from A.D. 1676 to the present) NB: A work in progress. (click to open).

Miscellaneous Readings:

A variety of monographic extracts and journal articles are also required reading for this course. Many of these readings are located in the R. S. Small Library on campus, either on Reserve or in the journal collections. Others readings are located on the course Web pages and may be downloaded only by students registered in this course.