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"List of Library-Catalog Subject Headings Pertaining to Ancient Egypt in the College of Charleston Library" (incomplete), by P. A. Piccione [PDF-format]

Egyptological Bibliography, 1822-1997 on CD-ROM. This bibliographical database is based on two sources, The Annual Egyptological Bibliography (1947-1997) and Egyptological Bibliography (Ägyptologische Bibliographie) (from 1822 onward). The College of Charleston Library keeps a copy of this major searchable bibliographical resource on Permanent Reserve behind the main check-out desk (library call number: DT43.E397 1822-1997). See the librarian to check out the CD for a 2-hour session.

The Annual Egyptological Bibliography (Web-Search home page)
The AEB is the primary resource for searching the bibliography of ancient Egypt. Published since 1947, the AEB catalogs every publication pertaining to Egyptological issues, including: books, individual articles, monographs, etc., and it abstracts them in English, French, or German. Each annual volume of the bibliography, up through the 1980's, listed all the publications for the year alphabetically by the last name of the author. Thereafter, the abstracts are listed first by subject area, then author. From 1992 to 1998, the abstracts of the AEB are available for searching on the World Wide Web. From 1999-2002, entries are merely listed according to author and without abstracts. Pages for specific year-dates are as follows:

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