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Reading Assignments and Course Schedule

Abbreviations of Reading-List Citations and Locator Codes
Course Textbooks:
BeckmanBeckman, G. Hittite Diplomatic Texts, ed. H. A. Hoffner. 2nd edition. Writings from the Ancient World. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 1999. [COURSE TEXT]
HamblinHamblin, W. J. Warfare in the Ancient Near East to 1600 BC: Holy Warrior at the Dawn of History. Warfare and History Series. Routledge, 2006. [COURSE TEXT]
MoranMoran, William L., editor. The Amarna Letters. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000. [COURSE TEXT]
PodanyPodany, Amanda H. The Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction. Very Short Introductions Series. London & Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. [COURSE TEXT]
ShawShaw, Ian, ed. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt. New edition. New York, Oxford University Press, 2004. [COURSE TEXT]
SpalingerSpalinger, A. J. War in Ancient Egypt: The New Kingdom. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Professional, 2005. [COURSE TEXT]

Other Texts and Sources:
AELLichtheim, Miriam. Ancient Egyptian Literature: A Book of Readings. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1975-1980. Volume 1, The Old and Middle Kingdoms (1975). Volume 2, The New Kingdom 1976). Volume 3, The Late Period (1980).(Addlestone Library Reserve)
ANETPritchard, James. B., editor. Ancient Near Eastern Texts Related to the Old Testament, 3rd ed. with Supplement. Princeton. Princeton University Press, 1969. (Addlestone Library Reference)
CANESasson, Jack M., editor-in-chief. Civilizations of the Ancient Near East. Four volumes. New York: Scribner, 1995 onward. (Addlestone Library Reference)
ETCSLElectronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature, Oxford University. Web address:
Hallo, Context of ScriptureHallo, W. H., and K. L. Younger, eds. The Context of Scripture. Three volumes. Leiden: Brill, 1997-2002. Volume 1, Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World (1997). Volume 2, Monumental Inscriptions from the Biblical World (2001). Volume 3, Archival Documents from the Biblical World (2002).(Addlestone Library Reference)
PerAddlestone Library Periodicals Room (among the journals)
RefAddlestone Library Reference Room
RSAddlestone Library Two-hour Reserve (behind the check-out counter)
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Week 1: August 22 and 24
	(8/22) Introduction: Course Description
	(8/24) NO CLASS
Week 2: August 29 and 31
	(8/29) What is Expected of the Historian?
W 			American Historical Association, "Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct" (1993) (click to open).

	(8/31) Questioning Data and Sources: The Kinds of Questions
W/Ref 		P. Piccione, "From Queries to Answers: A Taxonomy of Historical Questioning" (click to open)
Week 3: September 5 and 7
	(9/5) Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Historiography
			Shaw, "Introduction," 1-15;
			Hamblin, "Introduction," 1-13;
W/Ref 		H. Whitehouse, "Egypt in European Thought," in CANE 1, 15-31 (click to open);
				Discussant:  BECK .
W/Ref 		J. Lundquist, "Babylon in European Thought," in CANE 1, 67-80 (click to open);
				Discussant:  COOK .

	(9/7) Earliest Warfare and Emergence of the State
W 			M. Hoffman, "Cemetery 117: An Epitaph to Violence at Jebel Sahaba" in M. Hoffman, Egypt before the Pharaohs, 90-99 (click to open);
				Discussant:  EAGLE .
			Hamblin, "The Neolithic Age and the Origin of Warfare," 14-34;
				Discussant:  MARSH .
W			C. Reichel, "Hamoukar: Revisiting the Origins of Urbanism in Ancient Syria," O.I. News & Notes 211 (Fall 2011): 3-9 (click to open).
				Discussant:  ROBERTS .
Week 4: September 12 and 14
	(9/12) NO CLASS - STORM
	(9/14) The Emergence of States and Early Warfare and Diplomacy
			Podany, The Ancient Near East, Chapters 2 and 3, 16-39;
			Hamblin, "Early Dynastic Mesopotamia," 35-72;
				Discussant:  MELCON .
			Bard, "The Emergence of the Egyptian State," in Shaw, Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 57-82;
				Discussant:  SPOON .
W			The Vulture Stela and the Umma-Lagash wars (click to open);
				Discussant:  TURNER .

Week 5:   September 19 and 21
	 (9/19) The Akkadian Empire
			Podany, The Ancient Near East, Chapter 4, 40-50;
			Hamblin, "The Akkadian Empire," 73-101;
W			"Legend of Sargon (Akkadian)" (click to open)
W			"The Sargon Legend: Translation (Sumerian)" (click to open)
W			"The Curse of Agade (Sumerian)" (click to open).

	(9/21) Egypt: The Old Kingdom
			Malik, "The Old Kingdom," in Shaw, Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 83-107;
			Hamblin, "Warfare during the Old Kingdom," 353-367;
				Discussant:  WILSON .
W			"The Autobiographies of Weni and Harkhuf" (click to open);
				Discussant:  BECK .
Week 6: September 26 and 28
	(9/26) Egypt: The First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom
			Callendar, "The Middle Kingdom Renaissance," in Shaw, Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 137-171;
W			"Annals of King Amenemhat II (extract)" (click to open);
				Discussant:  COOK .
W			"Three Graffiti from Campaigns to Nubia," in Parkinson, Voices from Ancient Egypt, 95-96 (click to open); 
				Discussant:  EAGLE .
W			"Sesostris III Boundary Stela [Year 8]" (click to open);
				Discussant:  MARSH .
W			"Boundary Stela of Sesostris III [Year 16]," Lichtheim, AEL 1, 118-120 (click to open);
				Discussant:  MARSH .
W			"Report from a Frontier Garrison: From the 'Semna Despatches'," in Parkinson, Voices from Ancient Egypt, 93-95 (click to open).

	(9/28) Neo-Sumerian Empire: Third Dynasty of Ur (Ur III) 
			Podany, The Ancient Near East, Chapter 5, 51-62;
				Discussant:  ROBERTS .
			Hamblin, "The Neo-Sumerian Period," 102-128;
				Discussant:  ROBERTS .
W 			"The Victory of Utu-hegal," ETSCL (click to open);
				Discussant:  SPOON .
W 			"Lament of the Fall of Ur," ETSCL (local) (click to open);
				Discussant:  TURNER .
Week 7:  October 3 and 5
	(10/3) Babylonian Empire (Old Babylonia)
			Podany, The Ancient Near East, Chapter 7, 74-86;
				Discussant:  TURNER .
			Hamblin, "Middle Bronze Mesopotamia," 154-184.
	(10/5) Babylonian and Mesopotamian Warfare
W 			"Postgate, "War and Peace," in Early Mesopotamia, 241-259 (click to open).


		(10/7) Saturday: Storm Makeup Day	
Week 8: October 10 and 12
	(10/10) Individual Descriptions of Preliminary Outlines
			Discussants:  All .

	(10/12) Expulsion of the Hyksos and Founding of the Egyptian Empire (Dynasties 17 and 18)
			Bourriau, J., Extract: "The Second Intermediate Period: Thebes the Southern City,"
			in Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 191-206;
W 			Smith, H. S. and Smith A., "The Kamose Texts," 59-62 (click to open);
				Discussant:  WILSON .
W/Res 		"Autobiography of Ahmose Son of Abana," in Lichtheim, AEL 2, 12-15 (click to open);
				Discussant:  BECK .
W 			"The Praises of (Queen) Ahhotep" (click to open);
				Discussant:  COOK .

		+ + + NO FALL BREAK + + +
Week 9: October 17 and 19
	 (10/17) Writing Day: No class

	(10/19) Egyptian Empire: Dynasty 18
		Shaw, "Egypt and the Outside World," in Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 308-323;
		Spalinger, "The Southern and Northern Expansion," in  46-69;
W 		"Autobiography of Ahmose Pennekhbet," adapted from Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt 2 (passim) (click to open).
			Discussant:  EAGLE .
W/Res	"Annals of Thutmose III: The Battle of Megiddo," in Lichtheim, AEL 2, 29-35;) (click to open);
			Discussant:  MARSH .
W/Ref	"Biography of Amenemheb: First Battle of Kadesh," in ANET, 240-241 (click to open).
			Discussant:  ROBERTS .

Week 10: October 24 and 26
	(10/24) The Amarna Period and Diplomatic Letters
			Discussant:  SPOON .

	(10/26) Conferencing and Writing Day: No class

Week 11: October 31 and November 2
	(10/31) Report on First Drafts (BECK, COOK, EAGLE)	

	(11/2) Report on First Drafts: (MARSH, ROBERTS) 


Week 12: November 7 and 9
	(11/7) Report on First Drafts: (TURNER, WILSON)

	(11/9) Conferencing and Writing: No class
Week 13: November 14 and 16
	(11/14) Formal Presentation of Research:  BECK .
	"Nubian Forts of the Middle New Kingdom":
W/Ref 	B. Kemp, "The Nubian Forts," in Ancient Egypt 167-177 (click to open).

	(11/14) Formal Presentation of Research:  COOK .
	"The Sea People and the Iron Age Migrations:
W/Ref 	T. Dothan, "The 'Sea Peoples' and the Philistines of Ancient Palestine," in CANE 2, 1267-1279 (click to open);
W/Ref	"The War Against the Peoples of the Sea," in ANET, 262-263; (click to open)
W		Edgerton, W. & J. Wilson  (accounts of the Sea People war), from 
		 	Historical Records of Ramses III, 35-39, 41-43, 45; (click to open)
W/Ref	"Summary of the Northern Wars (Papyrus Harris I)," in ANET, 262; (click to open).

	(11/16) Finish Tuesday's Presentation:  BECK .
W		"Report from a Frontier Garrison: From the 'Semna Despatches'," in 
		 	Parkinson, Voices from Ancient Egypt, 93-95 (click to open).

	(11/16) Formal Presentation of Research:  EAGLE .
	"Goddess on the Ramparts"
W		"Myth of Inana and Ebih," in ETCSL (local) (click to open);
W		R. Harris, "Inanna-Ishtar as Paradox and a Coincidence of Opposites," 
		 	History of Religions 30/3 (1991}: 261-278 (click to open);
W		J. Grahn, "Ecology of the Erotic in a Myth of Inanna," International Journal of
		 	Transpersonal Studies 29/2 (2010): 58-67 (click to open).



Week 14: November 21 and 23 (Thanksgiving Week)
	(11/21) Formal Presentation of Research:  MARSH .
	"Qadesh" The Experience and the Legacy"
W/Ref 	"The Kadesh Battle Inscriptions of Ramesses II," in Lichtheim, AEL 2, 57-72 (click to open);
W/Ref 	"Hattusilis on Muwatallis' War Against Egypt," in ANET, 319 (click to open);
		Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts, "Treaty Between Hattusili IIII of Hatti and 
			Ramesses II of Egypt," no. 15, pp. 90-95;
		Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts, "Hattusili III & Beteshina of Amurru," no. 16, pp. 95-97;
W		"Goedicke, H. "Considerations on the Battle of Kadesh," Journal of Egyptian
		 	Archaeology 52 (1966):71-80 {Jstor} (click to open).

	(11/21) Formal Presentation of Research:  ROBERTS .
	"Sargonid Innovation in Warfare and Administration"
W		Lambert, W. G. "A New Fragment of the King of Battle," Archiv fuer 
		 	Orientforschung 20 (1963): 161-62 (click to open);
W		"Nigro, L. "The Two Steles of Sargon: Iconology and Visual Propaganda at the Beginning of
		 	Royal Akkadian Relief," Iraq 60 (1998): 85-102 {Jstor} (click to open);
W		Van De Mieroop, M. "Hammurabi's Self-presentation," Orientalia, N.S. 80/4
		 	(2011): 305-38 {Jstor} (click to open):

	(11/23) Thanksgiving - NO CLASS


Week 15: November 28 and 30
	(11/28) Formal Presentations of Research  TURNER .
	"Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom Fortifications East of the Nile Delta"
		Hamblin, "Middle Kingdom Egypt," 382-399;
W 		Hoffmeier, "The Walls of the Ruler," BASOR 343 (2006): 1-20 (click to open);
W 		Wilson, J. "The Egyptian Middle Kingdom at Megiddo," AJSL 58(1941): 22536 (click to open).                   

	(11/28) Formal Presentations of Research  WILSON .
	"Regional Diplomacy: Assertion of Influence"
		Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts, "Treaty between Suppiluliuma I of Hatti and Aziru of Amurru," no. 5, pp. 36-41;
W 		Schulman, A. R. "Diplomatic Marriage in the Egyptian New Kingdom," JNES 38 (1979): 177-93 (click to open);
W 		Bryce, T., "The 'Eternal Treaty' from the Hittite perspective," BMSAES 6 (2006): 1-11 (click to open).
	(11/30) Finish Tuesday's Presentation:  WILSON .
W/Ref	"Suppiluliumas and the Egyptian Queen," in ANET, 319; (click to open);
W/Ref	Extract from "Plague Prayers of Mursilis," in ANET, 394-395 (click to open);
W		Eyma, A., "Hittite Correspondence in the Zannanza Affair," 
			extracted from Egyptology Electronic Forum (click to open).


Week 16: December 4 (Last Day of Term)

	(12/4) REFLECTIVE ESSAY & STUDENT PORTFOLIO DUE (all registered students)